BShels featured in: STiLLTOWN – Vol. 4 (2011)

STiLLTOWN Vol. 4 features new music from the Steel City’s best hip-hop artists. Intertwining tunes from both the vets and the rookies, the compilation is sure to satisfy hip-hop fans of all eras.


01-Prophecy – The Intro (Prod. by Armstead Brown)
02-Living Proofe – G-Rated ’70s Freestyle (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
03-Thelonious Stretch – Insane (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
04-Black Sun – Throw Da Water On Em!
05-Idasa Tariq – Don’t Hold It Back (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)
06-Kid A – The Real Me (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
07-Shad Ali – Sleepers
08-B.Shels – Parallel Visions (Prod. by B.Shels)
09-ChaRon Don feat. Davu & SMI – Ginseng (Prod. by DJ Huggy)
10-Huey Neutron – Untill (Prod. by Vex)
11-B-FreeDaMisfit – The Father Side (Prod. by B-FreeDaMisfit)
12-Davu – The Other Side (Prod. by Noel 730N)
13-Shamir Shine – Hol’ Up (Prod. by Big Phill)
14-Gene Stovall feat. Ianigma – Lonely People
15-W. Ellington Felton – Cupid’s Murder In 3D
16-Big Phill feat. Illpoetic – Fight Thru It (Prod. by Big Phill)
17-Black Sun – The Rulebook (Prod. by Vex)
18-Reverrb – Audible Serenity
19-Will Profit – High Tonite (Prod. by James Moore)
20-Shamir Shine – Good2Go (Prod. by Shamir Shine)


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