[Album Review] Tyga – Well Done (Mixtape)

Tyga is an artist that you realize how scary the word POTENTIAL can become. Tyga has all the tools to be one of the best rappers on the young money roster. He also has all the tools to become laugh-at-able at times too. When I first heard this “Well Done” mixtape was coming out I was pretty excited seeing as how the last one was pretty good. After listening to it though……well I can’t say I’m disappointed but I can’t say I’m satisfied either.

1.      Well Done – The intro track is pretty nice, the beat is nice and the hook is nice too. Tyga didn’t really say much but his flow was on point. Plus when you have the young money engineer aka the Jesus Christ of Pro tools is mixing the records you don’t have too.

2.      Maybe – Tyga said NOTHING at all that was on any kind of importance on this one. But his flow was amazing, I’m convinced this is most of the reason I listen to Tyga. Even thought he said nothing at all and said a rhyme like “Red beans I’m super” (0_0) He still got off cause his flow was amazing.

3.      Hard In The Paint – Tyga is one of the those people who can say a ill line, then 5 secs later say something horrible. Case and point. “Walk the water if I could bitch I think I’m Moses.” Then LITERALLY 2 bars later says “Sizzling up hotter then a bowl of moms poorage” (0_0) seriously Tyga. Then goes and starts flowing his ass off. Then says another huff line “All that sweet talking I’ll leave you too toothless, now you goofy” (0_0) but all in all this freestyle wasn’t bad either.

4.      Mirror Ft. Gudda Gudda – All I’m say about this is, it’s a problem when Gudda Gudda destroys you on a song. Maybe I think its this way because the Jesus of pro tools came though again on this song and some how made a Gudda verse cold. But again another nice freestyle.

5.      Get Big – This is probably one of the best freestyles on the mixtape. Not only was the flow on point, but also the lyrics with lines like “yall niggaz can’t see me like mikes feet” Good freestyle by Tyga this best to this point.

6.      Teach Me How To Dougie (0_0) – Like I’m surprised this song actually wasn’t that bad, yes it was horrible for like the first 40 second then it actually picked up and got decent. Still could have been better but it was ok.

7.      Toot It N Boot It – “Heard she got game chu chu train” (0_0) “French kiss kiss like the French do on my fry” Seriously Tyga. And it’s crazy it’s still listen-to-able because of his flow. I personally don’t care for this song too much its not horrible but its not good.

8.      Black & Yellow – If the Jesus of Pro Tools hadn’t mixed this song, it would not have been as good as it was. But since he did it was a good song, it was some nice lines in this song though like “I heard its rumors when I’m room, but just cause a man starving don’t mean he need ta drink the same water” Pretty good freestyle overall though.

9.      B.M.F. – This beat needs to be put too rest first of all…but Tyga’s freestyle wasn’t that bad though it was some pointless line that absolutely baffled me that he thought it was cool to say. For explain “No Coca Cola I don’t drink soda, black beanie nigga like a fuckin smoker” then LITERALLY 2 lines later he says the best lines in the song “How you shitting on him and aint got shit up on him, It kills me know it you Melanie Flona.” Again potential is a scary word. SN PLEASE NO MORE B.M.F. FREESTYLES!!

10.  Pretty Boy Swag – you know when I heard this come on my face turned to (0_0) and I was 5 seconds away from turning the song of. But I gave it a chance and I was actually surprised that he actually made this one of  the coldest freestyles on the mixtape. His flow was CRAZY and the Lyrics was about the best I heard on the tape.

11.  Make It Rain – Ok….Let me just speak on how this is the most respectfully disrespectfully genius songs ever. Tyga said nothing important though just skip past his verse and spare yourself lines like “High school big booty Judy you can sit juice on it” (0_0) or the line that send me too laughs “Rubber band man bitch (insert Diddy voice) take that take that take that” (0_0) seriously Tyga

12.   Wonder Woman Ft. Chris Brown – Hey it worked for a whole mixtape and became EPIC for Deuces, so why would it not work here. Its one of the only actually songs on the tape, and is by far the best on the tape too. Chris Brown kills the hook, if you needed me to say that too realize it.

13.  Like Me – This song is ok at best, the first verse is pointless and for like 8 bars it’s like why are you even saying this. The second verse is the best on the song, the 3rd verse goes back to being pointless. The hook is pretty pointless too. Tyga could have done a lot more with this song, I’m disappointed in this  one.

14.   Who Dat – I was expecting Tyga to take off on this beat. And I was not let down at all. Best FREESTYLE on the tape by far.

15.  Can’t Be Friends – Nice freestyle I’m happy Tyga actually had some substance on this. Not on the level of Who Dat but its right under it second best freestyle on the tape.

Overall I can’t say I was disappointed with this but again I can’t say I’m totally happy with this, I’ll give it about a 6 out of 10. The jury is still out on Tyga, all we can do now is wait on the album.

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