[Album Review] Young Scolla – Built For More Mixtape

Yo what’s up its Pavy (@Pavyworld) again coming back with yet another album review. This time my B Shels hit me up too review an album by an upcoming artist, and I’m an artist myself so why would I not want to hear some new music. His name is Young Scolla, the project is called “Built For More

1. Intro – The intro starts out with a very soulful beat. It basically sets the tone for the whole project right away. The things that most drew me in about this artist immediately and made him entertaining to me was his flow & also his rap voice. He also has his share of lyrics, with this song like “I had dreams of being a big as a Christopher Wallace, contemplating could I live with Christopher’s problems, but I know they gon wanna buy what I got in store” but overall the song was a great way to set the project off

2. The Fallen – I love this song, its another smooth soulful beat. So far I’m guessing that Scolla isn’t really a punch line rapper, but it doesn’t matter because he has a lot of substance in his rhymes, with lines like “I keep it honest my future aint with Obama’s, I say that realizing that it holds drama, It aint to say that a Black pres aint a accomplishment, BUT HOW IS HE GON TO SAVE US WHEN HE CAN’T REACH WHERE THE PROBLEMS IS?” Need I say more about this song I think not on too the next.

3. Fearless Ft. Lyric Jones– I like this song too, I’m guessing by this point in the album Scolla is more on the Hip-Hop side of things then the rap side of things. This song was conscience enough to make me think but it also didn’t bore me. Also the hook was nice and Lyric Jones (I’m guessing this is a female) was pretty good, I’m happy she wasn’t trying to be Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim and was just herself. My fave line in this song was “I aint dangerous just a black man with a genius mind, I guess that in itself is currently a crime”

4. Stare – first of all, this beat caught my attention, I have no choice but to nod my head when it dropped. His flow was point as well but what really gets me like I said before is the beat. That doesn’t mean the lyrics were bad at all. The second verse was the best of the song to me. Its so many lines you could quote from that one verse.

5. Round My City Ft. K – Burnz & Mook Grand – is a more up-tempo song a nice switch of pace so the project doesn’t become too slow and too soulful. No complaints about this song this is also another one I like, so far so good for this project.

6. On My Way Ft. Lyriciss – this song is an up-tempo but still soulful at the same time. I the second verse was the best on the song with lines like “don’t stress if the whole don’t understand your genius, Jesus only started with a couple believers” Genius.

7. Wonderful – Another soulful joint telling somewhat of a story about his upbringing and past. And basically tells why he raps and who he raps for. Another nice song.

8. Gimme A Sign Ft. Boaz & S. Money – one of my 3 three favorite songs off here. A very nice record, with meaning (as all the songs have on here). So much insight is giving on this song, just one of those joints you can put on kick back and drift away into the music.
9. Venting – A freestyle off Juelz Santana’s song Jealously, nice the only thing I dislike about it is, is it can become a little bit boring at time and you can zone out. Doesn’t mean the lyrics was off, just becomes a little boring.

10. Outta Here – Somewhat a pace shift with this song, sort of a weed song. I don’t smoke but if I was stressed as hell this song would be what I smoke too. A Nice record overall.

11. The Fallen Pt. 2 Ft. D Julien – A remix to the song earlier on the album, I like the original version better. This version gets a little bit boring at times.

12. Never Fail – A great way to end the album, plus it’s a switch up of tempo more up-tempo then most of the songs on the album. Plus you can never go wrong with an inspiration song too end album.

All in all I was greatly surprised by Young Scolla, he bring the perfect formula for good hip-hop. By putting a message in his music but also not boring people while dropping knowledge. I give this project a solid 8 out of 10, but you check it out and make your own decision. Click Here To Hear Built For More.


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